K8 Juggling | Profesional Light Juggling

Prophecy: LED juggling Club, iBall: LED juggling ball, iStick: LED devil's stick, iStaff: LED staff modular, Luxeon: swing LED club, LED contact POI 88mm, POI RGB-IR modular, LED palm NEW FROM K8!, LED: Light emisor Diabolo the new LED system for your Diabolo K8 & SUNDIA, Hula Hoop PIXEL LED 80 from K8!, IR LED wireless remote control, FlexPLug mini interruptor controller, USB cables X5,X3,X2,X1, MKM monocromatik professional LED ball rechargeable, PIXEL POI 80 Pixel LEDs + Graphics sync with music software!

Light Juggling

120.00 USD
149.99 USD
LED Ball iBall RGB-IR Programmable K8 Juggling
60.00 USD
80.00 USD
30.00 USD
Prophecy LED Juggling Club by K8 Juggling
99.90 USD
0.95 USD
pixel poi 4Pixel Poi 3
149.00 USD
99.00 USD
hula led web5
120.00 USD
circuitos diaboled web3circuito diaboled 341
88.00 USD
neo flex par web 2neo flex par web 1
390.00 USD
Devil LED iStick RGB-IR Devil LED iStick RGB-IR
120.00 USD
9.99 USD
cable 2X
12.00 USD
14.99 USD
Remote Control K8 JugglingRemote Control K8 Juggling
14.99 USD
18.00 USD