K8 Juggling | Profesional Light Juggling

Prophecy: LED juggling Club, iBall: LED juggling ball, iStick: LED devil's stick, iStaff: LED staff modular, Luxeon: swing LED club, LED contact POI 88mm, POI RGB-IR modular, LED palm NEW FROM K8!, LED: Light emisor Diabolo the new LED system for your Diabolo K8 & SUNDIA, Hula Hoop PIXEL LED 80 from K8!, IR LED wireless remote control, FlexPLug mini interruptor controller, USB cables X5,X3,X2,X1, MKM monocromatik professional LED ball rechargeable, PIXEL POI 80 Pixel LEDs + Graphics sync with music software!

Light Juggling

88.00 USD
120.00 USD
Led_Staff_k8_malabares_Baston iStaff RGB-IR LED
149.99 USD
LED Ball iBall RGB-IR Programmable K8 Juggling
60.00 USD
Medida / Size
80.00 USD
Prophecy LED Juggling Club
99.90 USD
Plugs 3.5mm
0.95 USD
Led Poi RGB-IRLed Poi RGB-IR
149.00 USD
Diabolo D130 RGB-IR LEDDiabolo D130 RGB-IR LED
99.00 USD
149.00 USD
Medida / Size
Led Kit Diabolo RGB-IRLed Kit Diabolo RGB-IR
88.00 USD
Devil LED iStick RGB-IR Devil LED iStick RGB-IR
120.00 USD
Cable USB 1x
9.99 USD
Cable USB 1x
12.00 USD
Cable USB 3x Charger
14.99 USD
Remote Control K8 JugglingRemote Control K8 Juggling
14.99 USD
Cable USB 5x Charger
18.00 USD