Clavas de malabares Lotus personalizadas Clavas de malabares Lotus personalizadas

Lotus* Juggling Custom clubs

The juggling Lotus Club* - with a Perfect weight and Balance, named like that because is the first club manufactured with Lotus Tech created by K8. Chosen by professional Jugglers for the high durability and a soft catching impact. High-quality material and lots of colors combinations to choose from.
20.00 USD
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Now you can customize your Lotus juggling club!
Choose the color you prefer in each of the parts and assemble your ideal juggling club.
Spherical shaped injected knobs are super resistant and comfortable, available in black and white. It is attached to the Lotus core by means of a new stainless steel screw.
The wrapped handle has a vinyl cover available in 7 colors.

New: The cloth tape that unifies the handle and the body of the clubs is now available in 7 colors!
The body of the custom Lotus juggling club is available in 8 colors including the new celestial one!
The available top in white or black has a housing for the cap that covers the screw, also available in 7 colors!

The Lotus body model is available in 7 colors including white. The handle is threaded and stapled to the nylon core. The knobs are made of a thermoplastic material that is highly resistant to impact. The screws are made of stainless steel. As the whole line K8 juggling clubs, the soul is LOTUS *

Manufactured in Argentina by K8 Juggling.

The price listed in the catalog is only per unit.

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