99.00 USD
This fixture stands out due to its internal-mixing light source, that optimizes and blends the color mixture with no multi-colored shadows during the projection. In this particular case, white, amber and UV are added to the traditional RGB color mixing, making Nebula 18 a very versatile luminaire.

Indoor DMX LED Par - 6 x 6-in-1 12W LEDs

Nebula 6 is an indoor LED Par powered by 6 x 6-in-1 12W LEDs, sporting six-color LED technology that enables a smooth RGBWA+UV mix with no multicolor shadows. Packed in a slim & light design with completely silent operation it's ideal for architectural applications. Provided with a 25º beam angle and 0-100% electronic dimming. Nebula 6 is designed to give you great flexibility with its 4 operational modes (Manual, Sound active, DMX & Master/Slave) and 0-100% electronic dimming, making it the ideal solution for any given application.

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