LIG LAB Buenos Aires

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The first editorial endeavor of the photo-performance and visual experimentation group LIGLAB brings forth a set of fold-out images showcasing plastic-luminescent expressions in various spaces of Buenos Aires City. The technique of Light-Painting is captured through artistic photography in a beautiful format.
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LIGLAB is a group focused on photo-performance and visual experimentation that, since 2009, has been exploring the development of plastic-luminescent expressions in space through light painting and photo-performance techniques. From its inception, it has been involved in the birth and evolution of the entire K8 lighting product line, producing a significant portion of its work with luminous juggling elements such as balls, clubs, sticks, and pois.

As the etymology of the term "photography" clearly indicates (photo = light and graphy = writing), the literal translation of photography would be "writing with light." Contemporary light painting techniques represent a unique reunion with primitive instances of photography and the essence of experimentation. Currently, with the possibilities offered by digital photography and various LED devices, light painting has resurged as a global phenomenon of the 21st century, giving rise to an entirely new photographic scene that, through these new technologies, has expanded its possibilities into uncharted territories.

The LIGLAB BUENOS AIRES project is a clear local example of this global trend. It involves the photographic documentation of a series of photo-performance actions using light painting techniques, carried out during several nocturnal excursions at different points in the city. Photographically intervened, these public spaces, characterized by chiaroscuro and being uninhabited, gave rise to a constellation of landscapes that outlined a type of urban cartography. Building upon this concept, the selected material was incorporated into the format of three imaginary maps, allowing viewers to navigate through the images via different paths and unfold a range of multiple combinations.

Editorial: La Luminosa
Tirada: 300 ejemplares
Autores: Alberto Brescia, Miguel Masllorens y Diego Altabás
Edición fotográfica: Julieta Escardó
Producción gráfica: Eugenia Rodeyro
Diseño gráfico: Lucía Peluffo Iriarte
Medidas: 25 cm ancho x 35 cm alto.
Tipo de encuadernación: Plegado en sobre de papel.

Publisher: La Luminosa
Print Run: 300 copies
Authors: Alberto Brescia, Miguel Masllorens, and Diego Altabás
Photo Editing: Julieta Escardó
Graphic Production: Eugenia Rodeyro
Graphic Design: Lucía Peluffo Iriarte
Dimensions: 25 cm width x 35 cm height
Binding Type: Folded in paper envelope.