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CLUB EYED MONEY MAN T-shirt made in collaboration with Wes Peden! Size S/M/L/XL * Surprise incluided!
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K8 Juggling inaugurates a new creative path that is born from the mother ship that is the product line, but that is fully close to the world of design and that flirts with art and lifestyle. K8 Art Series is a concept that had its beginnings in the works carried out by the street art artist Gualicho (@the_real_gualicho), with whom special illustrations for T-shirts and club decorations were designed, and which today has a luxurious meeting with Wes Peden (@wespeden), one of the most influential jugglers of the last decade.

The bond with Wes has been going on for a couple of years and it was finally crystallized with the creation of the 16GB USB Club that contains all the video material edited by the New York artist. This time a series of pieces was generated from an original drawing by Wes Peden, which first appeared in the 2019 ICE CREAM video. The illustration is called Club Eyed Money Man. And it is accompanied by a kind of brief manifesto that synthesizes various ideas and concepts from his universe.

Says Wes Peden: This picture represents how I feel when I’m in the zone, covered in sweat and my hands are dripping with ideas of tricks I want to try. The club eyes show that all I see, and all I want is juggling. The flowers represent the goal of how good the tricks should look. The dollar sign is a symbol of value. Creating juggling is one of the main things that give my life purpose. In that way, juggling tricks are extremely valuable to me and I found the dollar sign to be a fun kind of crude way to express that : P "

Wes Peden's CEMN combo, which is already on sale in the e-store, includes a T-shirt (3 colors to choose from) + holographic stickers + 1 random jumbo sticker (there are 35 different colors) + 1 isologo sheet and manifesto screen printed + 1 limited edition custom acrylic coin for manipulation (a new item for investigating tricks and routines!).

This path will be deepened with more collaborations and crossovers with other artists, with the aim of continuing to feed the vision expressed in the inaugural editorial of Yana (@yana.magazine), the recent art-juggling magazine, which proposes: “the juggling it is a complex art form that resonates in many other disciplines ”. That is why the search for K8 Juggling since its inception and during these twenty years, has always been to capture juggling in different formats, looking for new veins, shapes, and colors to the diamond.