Wes Peden Throw Joy DVD juggling video

Wes Peden presents video Throw Joy on DVD

Wes Peden is one of the most eccentrics and peculiar juggler of the juggling scene.

Throw Joy is the result of 561 days doing 6 clubs tricks.  Including tie cameras to trees and fill up to eight notebooks with juggling ideas.

The video not only includes Wes most weird juggling moves done with balls, clubs (some from K8 Malabares), rings chairs, tripods, paintings, and many other objects… even wine bottles unwisely thrown to the sky...

Throw Joy is a 53 minutes video in format DVD

Teaser of Wes Peden Throw Joy video

With decorated KMFL8 clubs


With colored POP juggling clubs



Wes Peden sucks, filmado en Brasil producido por K8 Malabares

Filmado en San Pablo, Brasil. Editado en Argentina.
Diciembre 2014. K8 Malabares & Pacto producciones.