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What is the LOTUS technology in K8 Malabares clubs?

K8 Juggling developed a core for clubs unique in the world that contains all the features needed by professional jugglers: ultra lightweight, firm, shock- resistant, standard weight and ecological.

In addition, thanks to its design with 7 internal ducts. Lotus* technology absorbs the impact on hands making the juggling clubs more comfortable.

Clubs K8 Malabares with Lotus* core: super tough, ideal weight and maximum performance.

Many juggling products factories use the core of wood to manufacture juggling clubs. K8 Malabares is the juggling product brand that includes a revolutionary soul to your clubs that turns them into the most resistant and comfortable of the world.

The clubs dowell is the rod that connects a bumper with a spike inside the handle and the body of the club. K8 Malabares clubs offers an excellent relation between weight and balance related to its Lotus* core, due to a minimum weight and maximum strength as a result of its structural design composed of 7 circular ducts.  It’s a plastic core shock resistant that provides the product’s high durability and at the same time balancing the weight of each club, given that every core weighs exactly the same. One of the aspects of the juggling clubs with Lotus* core is that it absorbs the impact caused by air inside the 7 ducts of the dowell.

The Lotus juggling clubs model is available in 7 colors, including white. The handle is wrapped and stapled to the nylon core.  The core Lotus* is also present in the rest of the juggling clubs line (not only Lotus* model). The decorated clubs like Gualicho, Escher, Tribal, CRKS y KMFL8. The clubs for scenes such as Tango and Nieve and also in the training clubs or street juggling such as Pop and Funk clubs, available in various colors and combinations.


Clava Lotus* K8 Malabares


The shape of the juggling clubs: the body of the K8 Juggling clubs

The clubs body also known as moulded body gives it shape and the function of providing the particular own axel rotation. All the K8 Malabares clubs line has a body with an intermediate length and 84mm diameter. The Tango clubs are characterized by having a wider body which gives it a slower turn, ideal for a plastic and slower routine, they also offer greater stability in outdoor environments. K8 Malabares decorated clubs are also slightly heavier than the rest of the clubs line, because the decorative vinyl included in the club’s body adds a few grams.


Clavas para malabarismo K8 malabares


Knobs, caps and screws: an important part of the juggling clubs

The knobs, caps and screws of a juggling club are also an essential part that determines durability and finish. The ferrules and caps of all club lines (except the Pop-juggling clubs built with EVA caps and ferrules) are made of shock-resistant thermoplastic material. The screws are made of stainless steel providing great durability and resistance to the clubs.



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K8 Juggling Lotus* clubs datasheet:

  • Dowell: Lotus*
  • Length: 52 cm
  • Diameter: 8.4 cm.
  • Weight: 210 gr.
  • Handle: Spiral
  • Screws: Stainless Steel
  • Tops and knobs: Injected, maximum strength 90 and 70 Sh.
  • Core: Nylon
  • Colors: White, yellow, fluorescent green, fuchsia, violet, orange and red.